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Rhodesians Worldwide on the World Wide Web is the electronic equivalent of the printed magazine "Rhodesians Worldwide". With the phenomenal growth of the Internet over recent years, coupled with the speed and low cost of electronic communications, RWWWW was created to facilitate communications between people who at some stage lived in Rhodesia, and is now known as Zimbabwe.

These pages are for Rhodesians everywhere! To re-establish lost contacts, to make new contacts, to catch up on news of Rhodesians, to advertise items for sale, and to strengthen and maintain the bond that residents of Rhodesia formed during its turbulent years.


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Welfare funds for Rhodesians/Zimbabweans
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Rhodesian Civic Arms
Out of Africa International - Online newsletter
Echoes of an African War - Chas Lotter - Site of the Rhodesian Roll of Honour
Images of a War - photo gallery by John van Zijl
Embassy of Rhodesia in Iceland
Viscounts in Africa - The Air Rhodesia Story
Hawker Hunters Reborn
African Safari Magazine and the African Safari Club Worldwide
Hunting Safaris South Africa - Peter Bird
Historical Flags of Rhodesia
"The Art of Deconstruction: The Path to Penury - Zimbabwe At The Millennium Crossroads" by Dr Duncan Clarke
Rhodesian and South African Military History
Rhodesian Aviation - Articles on the History of Aviation in Rhodesia

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